Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19th - LateNoon-8am

-Showed up 1hour30minutes late.  New record? Hardly, but this one comes in at 2nd place in the race.
-Group of older kids come in acting like Level3drunks when they were only Level2.  
      Group consist of 2 girls& 1 boy.  Girl1 is to old to be acting like its her first time being drunk and saying things like, "Immmm not sober","I cantt feel my faceee","if shes buying then it looks like im making out with her tonight","HEY hey you, Can you tell we are drunkk?"x5
      Girl2 pays for food and they leave while boy1 still shops.  While transacting he apologizes 2-5 times and says OHboy at the sight of girl1 smashing herself up against the Mighty window.  After he leaves she hints that she would give a flashing.  After a very quick denial by I, she shrugs, pounds on the window, and repeats the ask for a flash. Double sstamp No on that one PLZZZZ. She looked disappointed and walked away hunched over with her head down.  Cue "Christmas Time is Here" by Vince Guaraldi

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