Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to really make that Mighty Application stand out...

Based on the life of a real-life Mighty applicant...

How to really make that Mighty application stand out:
Step One: When you arrive, park your car at an angle through multiple spaces. This will show you're versatile, and can fill any and all positions.
Step Two: Come in, request an application (in fact, for some unknown reason, ask for two) then ask if you can fill them out in the store.
Step Three: OOOPS!! Almost forgot to set the clock for 4:20. Kindly ask the cashier for a couple of blunt wraps.
Step Four: Dig around in your purse for money with which to purchase the blunts. At some point in your rummaging, drop various things from your purse on to the divider between you and the clerk, for extra points remark, "OH DAMN! I just got weed on the counter!" when you realize what all you've spilled.
Step Five: Don't have enough money for the blunts, but don't panic, simply explain to the clerk that you'll just "owe him" as lets be honest,with this stellar ap of yours, you'll be his coworker soon enough anyways!
Step Six: Fill out your application but pause midway through and take time to ask the clerk if the Mighty will hire anyone with, "like zero work experience." After all, its important there aren't any final sticking points in an application as compelling as yours.
Step Seven: On the application itself, make sure to replace words like "to" with their numerical versions, as in "i like 2 blank and blank" this will let your future employers at the Mighty know, you're serious about efficiency.
Step Seven: Be sure to tailor your application to what you'll be doing here at the shop, a good way to do this would be to mention on your ap that you really liked your babysitting job (the only job listed under "work experience") because at that job you didn't "have 2 stand a lot" because let's be honest, you'll never be doing any standing at the mighty.
Step Eight: Finally, be sure to purchase a Snapple after you turn in your ap, especially since you've already gotten your weed and blunts. However, to really wow your future coworker, be sure to argue with them vehomently about the price of that beverage. Once you've displayed the extent of your rage, you may return to your angularly parked vehicle and be on your way.

With these few tips, you can rest at ease knowing you'll have that sweet gas station gig in no time and soon, you'll be the envy of all your friends!

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